Thursday, November 10, 2011

What did you do at school today?

When you ask your child this question what do they say? Sometimes it's hard for young children to recall their days. Be specific with the questions you ask. "Did you go outside?" "What songs did you sing at group?" "Did you paint or draw today?" "Which sounds did you practice today?"

Here are some photos to spark some conversation with your children.

Lucy is learning about squared numbers and skip counting. Here she practices six squared.

Calea uses the Addition Strip Board to add. This material has a built in control of error. If you look along the top, all the answers are there. However, that doesn't stop Calea from taking her time and counting each number out loud to find her answers. Then she checks.

The face of concentration.

Caring for the classroom environment is not just a job for teachers. All the friends enjoy chipping in and doing their part. Here they are folding the towels we use to dry our hands.

Gross motor writing engages the mind AND the body.

Alice is working on a book of the metal inset shapes.

The final product: a quatrefoil.

Daniel read 6 Bob Books in one morning work period!

Gavin has been using the red rods in all sorts of ways. On this day he made them into a snowflake.

Connor turned them into a maze. Adding a spoon and a bead makes walking this maze a little more challenging.

Gavin and Connor work together to turn the red rods into stairs.

And yet another creative mind....Katie came up with the idea to use the Brown Stairs AND the Red Rods together. She noticed that while the red rods get longer, the brown stairs get taller.

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