Friday, October 28, 2011

Having a ball in fall!

Our friend Andy came to morning group and sang a few songs. If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

Gavin still thinks tracing leaves is fun...because it is!

Counting in sequential order...

...counting just for fun!

Everyone's an artist at Namaste! Look how carefully Jordy adds detail to her painting.

Drawing with a dry erase marker on our pumpkin allows everyone to have a turn making silly or scary faces!

Bat nomenclature cards--we are learning the parts of the bat. First we match the pictures then we match the words.

Finally, we make a book of our own!

Color, cut, and a glue a bat. Leo made his with a striped pattern!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lower Elementary students at hard at work...

Sewing stuffed pumpkins works fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, practicing following multi-step instructions, patience and it's just fun.

 The job of daily zoologist rotates. This student must care for all of the animals in our room. So far we have four zebra finches, a chinchilla, and tropical fish. We are looking forward to welcoming pets from the other animal kingdoms soon....insects, amphibians, reptiles, and perhaps a crustacean.
 Working hard on an article for our classroom newsletter.
Four digit multiplication is fun with the stamp game.
 Time for a quick snack, some oatmeal and honey. Yum.
 Working on building sentences with nouns and verbs. Even silly sentences have parts of speech.
 Doing some creative writing in the quiet area. Inspired by our chinchilla Salsa these students are writing a story about the Adventure of Salsa and Chips: Two Mammals on the Move
 Illustrations for a book about pumpkins.
 Getting a lesson on doing advanced Math with the stamp game, a very versatile math material.
 Inspired by a book about classical mazes, these students are designing their own.
 More pumpkin sewing.
 Creating a 3-D paper model of a volcano.
 Practicing handwriting.
 Making a clove covered lemon ornament. Smells so good!
Having a healthy snack with a friend is a nice way to take a break from a morning of hard work.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Friends keep busy as the weather gets colder.

Boden uses the metal insets to create a square shaped train track.



...and away! Noni builds a tower using the knobless cylinders.

Noe counts to 9 with our bead board. See how he uses his fine motor skills to count each and every tiny bead.

Dog starts with "d". Elsie says the sound...not the name of the letter. Pre-reading activity.

Gavin plants an Iris bulb.

Calea is using a push pin to punch out a jack-o-lantern.

Bailey pours out dirty water after cleaning a pumpkin. She's using lots of muscles!

Simon uses a ladel as an excavator to dig out the lentils in our sensory table.

Friday, October 14, 2011

More Toddler Life

Hey Bea!

Bea and Ella working together

Virginia is very focused...
do not disturb

Peter very carefully lining up cars

Elle is using her fine motor skills to peel carrots.

Balancing with friends

Watching the lawnmowers on the preschool playground

YAY!! Great work!