Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sharing tea and our classroom

We had a tea party and invited our families. It was fun to share what we have been learning.

Lucy teaches Dad about fractions.

Kai shares peace with her Mommy.

Bailey shares her reading skills with Mom.

Friends share language materials with their parents.

Jordy shows her parents her favorite colors.

Mena teaches her parents and Grandma about the Solar System

Joseph shares what is hidden in all that grass (chicks).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring ahead!

We have been enjoying this warm weather! Have you?

Stella works on creating some beautiful forsythia.

Noni makes some forsythia too! The flowers are little fingerprints.

Crafting with Alba! Friends made daffodils.

Boden finds all the letters of the alphabet that are hidden in this sensory tub.

Jordy washes a chair with our new chair washing materials.

Lucy balances on our balancing thing :-)

Gavin uses the spindle box and makes groups of numbers. Then, he makes a chart and fills it in.
Sadie uses the screwdriver.

Vera counts to ten with the red chips.

Alice reads the words on the cards and then matches the cards to the objects.

Noni paints a beautiful picture. Mixing colors is fun!

Noe matches objects to initial sounds!

Happy Hawaii Day!

We studied Hawaii and a couple weeks ago we had a fun Friday to celebrate Hawaii!

"Aloha" has lots of meanings--it means hello, good-bye, I love you and much, much more.

Proud Conner shows off his really long lei.

Elsie and Calea draw pictures of ocean creatures!

Noe cuts and glues an ocean scene.

Daniel enjoys some juicy pineapple!

Elementary Class Trip to Visit Corpse Plant at Cornell

Last week we discovered a very rare plant at Cornell was blooming and so the Namaste Montessori Elementary students planned an impromptu field trip to go and check it out.

We are so grateful to be located on a TCAT bus route....taking the bus is fun, convenient, green, and great for spontaneous field trips. Thanks TCAT!

 There's a reason it's named the corpse plant....when it blooms it smells like rotting meat. We can smell it already and it's not in full bloom yet.

 There are lots of other really interesting plants at the Cornell Greenhouses to learn about...
 We headed over to the lab where Sam's Dad works for lunch and time to play with science.
Thank you Eric Herman and everyone at your lab for hosting our class.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Relaxing Afternoon in the Elementary Classroom

A busy morning of hard work and learning is followed by a relaxing afternoon in the Elementary classroom.

Working on the timeline of life.....

Reading a great story with friends...

Working on our research projects...coming up with great questions and finding the answers before writing papers on our subjects...

After lots of hard work it is always nice to take a knitting break....

Enjoying the warm weather we are having this week...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The toddlers are very busy this week!

Ezra is building a tower with nesting boxes.

Virginia is enjoying a sand sensory tub with astronauts and a scooper with a small colander.

Peter is working on the farm today.

Our sensory table has been very popular these days. This tub has small blue stones to represent the sky and cotton balls for the clouds with hot air balloons and airplanes.

The other tub has colored stones and sparkly pom poms with metal pitchers to scoop and pour with.

Ezra is working on his culinary skills.

Maya is packing her lunch, practicing for our lunchtime routine.

Bea is exploring the knobless cylinders.

Lilly is using the knob cylinder work.

Ella is vacuuming the carpets.

Bea is working in the knob cylinder work. Very focused.

Lilly is setting the table.

Little Picasso

Align Center