Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy Spring for Toddlers.....

We have spent lots of time outside and inside exploring and learning about our world. Sensorybuckets have been very popular. We are learning using all of our senses...smell, touch, hearing, seeing, and tasting. 

Enjoying the sun and the sea!

 We have been enjoying the sun and warmth of spring!

 Water table time!

 Home run, Connor!

 Sight word Bingo makes learning fun!

 Searching for the alphabet in the alphabet sensory bin.

 Calea makes a star using the metal insets.

 All the colors of the world!

 Building a house with the Lincoln logs.

 New practical life materials: more funnels and a syringe for transferring water.
Concentration, coordination, independence, and order.

Using the trinomial cube.

 More PL.

 Vowels: a, e, i, o, u.

 An older student giving a younger student a formal lesson with all the knobless cylinders.

Working on a sea creature book.

Working on his sea creature book.

 I Spy sea creatures...

 Sea creature matching. After matching all the sea creatures, he plays "Far, far away"--a fun game that incorporates movement and memory and extends the level of concentration.

Proudly displaying his shark facts on the bulletin board .

Playing a round of I Spy.

Using the push pin work  to punch out a fish.