Sunday, November 30, 2008

Homemade Bread

Melissa (Brinley's Mom) donated a bread maker to our classroom. We now can make our own fresh bread. We made our first loaf on Friday morning. It was quite exciting as the smell of fresh bread filled our classroom.

Is it done yet??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Working Hard And Having Fun In The Toddler Room

Busy Friends

The knobbed cylinder work allows children to explore mathematical attributes by ordering cylinders based on diameter and depth. Baby washing work. Don't forget to wash the baby's bottom!

Morning snack and a rousing game of Candyland.

Playdough pancakes.

Building words with the moveable alphabet.

Working all morning to build a castle structure that uses all the blocks in the block area.

Solving problems with the addition strip board.

This smell matching work is harder than it looks.

Snow Bunny

Bumpkins loves the snow too!

Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reading and Writing

Reading and writing ... the magic of language unfolds as children unlock the secret code of letters.

Sandpaper letter excercises allow a child to explore the shape of the letter through touch while making the sound of the letter.

Tracing a name or word allows a child to practice letter formation and pencil grip.

Words are wonderful to collect. Here a child is writing the names of the countries in Africa on index cards so that he may carry them with him on a word ring.

Letters make sounds, sounds make phenomes, phenomes make words, words make sentences, sentences make stories and the power of language grows.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Learning to Read and Write...Montessori Language Workshop

Just a reminder this Wednesday, Novemember 12th there is workshop on how we teach language in our classrooms. The workshop is at the school from 7 to 8:30 and there is childcare available.

New Work !!!

Growing up in an Italian and Irish family my life and relationships often centered around food. My passion for food certainly overflows into the classroom. I enjoy sharing the skills of preparing food, the joy of tasting food, and the great feeling of sharing food with friends. Our food preparation works in the classroom allow children to gain the independence of preparing thier own snacks and feel the pride of sharing thier success with friends not to mention strenghtening thier fine motor skills, math, language, science, and cultural knowledge as well.

Toast making work in our food preparation area has been quite a hit. We went through two loaves of bread in the first morning! Children toast and butter a slice of whole wheat bread for a delicious snack. Since we don't have an oven at the school, I'm on the lookout for a bread making machine so we can start baking our own bread. We also have orange juice squeezing and banana slicing work in this area as well. We moved from sewing pumpkin and bat pillows to sewing puppets. After stiching the felt puppet the children can use scraps of fabric and yarn to decorate thier work.

Button sewing is another sewing activity also available on our shelves right now. This is a little more challenging than the puppet sewing work. Children must use a needle and yarn to stich a button onto fabric without prepunched holes. This activity also introduces an embroidery hoop as a useful tool in sewing.

In our geography, cultural studies, and science area we are studying North America. In our study we have been reading many books on Native Americans and learning about thier customs and traditions. One of the new works we have in this area is making a dream catcher. This combines the sewing and beading skills we have been practicing in a new, creative way which celebrates the cultural history of the some native american tribes. Our dream catchers are made from leftover paper plates, hemp thread, natural beads, shells, and feathers.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone!

We kept our Halloween celebrations at school fun but low key. Noemi and her mom, Maya, shared some delicious pumkin muffins while we sang Halloween songs at circle. Children then put on thier costumes and took turns standing in the center of circle dancing to some music. We formed a parade line and sang our way through the toddler room out onto the playground and back to our classroom again. 'Vampire Bat Stan' tooks pictures for us and John (Eli's Dad) told me about this cool link where I could make this montage. However tempting, fun, and easy, I'll try not to over do the montage feature ;)

The toddler's enjoyed our parade and celebrated in thier classroom by painting paper pumkins and carving real pumpkins.

Halloween Montage 2008