Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sew into Namaste

February is off to a great start! We have been learning to sew and embroider. Also, we are in the midst of studying the universe! Ask your child what makes up our universe.

We switched up the spindles for some planet-like marbles. Katie counts to 9 and then we discuss groups of numbers and make comparisons.

Joseph writes his name in the paint--a great sensorial experience.

Vera and Carrie match our solar system cards.

Build it tall.

Build it long.

Boden counts to ten with these heavy rocks and moon cards.

Gavin uses lots of colors to make Saturn look really beautiful.

After coloring the planets, Leo takes his time to cut out each planet.

This is Lucy's finished work. Since there is no gravity in space Lucy's letters are floating all over the place!

Leo is practicing the running stitch as he makes the outline of a heart.

Boden has been using the sandpaper letters to learn his sounds. "V" is for violin. This extension is fun and is a great way for him to practice writing.

Jordy practices writing her sounds on the board. Here she is working on controlling the size of each sound she writes.

See how carefully Simon builds his tower with the knobless cylinders.

Lucy seems quite proud of her MA (moveable alphabet) work. She chose word endings and built her own words. 2 thumbs up!