Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of summer days...

...looking forward to new beginnings!

 Older friend helping younger friend--the beauty of multi-age classrooms!

 Counting to 100.

 Learning to cut.

 Gluing on the line--coordination, concentration, order, independence!

 Using all the knobbed cylinders at once!

 Cutting paper (not hair).

 Using the bastor to transfer water and building hand muscles.

 Tie dye!

 Melon balling.

 Tracing a butterfly. 

 Focused on art with no distractions--lucky to have creative classroom design!

 Stringing beads.

 Counting with space rocks!

 Push pinning metal inset shapes.

 Making more cutting strips for younger friends--love those Kindergarteners.

 Stringing and gluing.

 Making a delicious snack--local cherry tomatoes and basil.

 Eating it all up!

 Sharing with friends.

 Enticing set-up.

 Foot massages.

 Teen board.

Finding peace.