Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New year, new friends, new adventures!

Working with a new friend on the counting puzzle.

Exploring colors and shapes on the light board.

Apple tasting.

Applesauce prep.

Reading the snack sign and getting the appropriate amount of snack.

Learning about the countries in Africa.

Counting 1-10 AND learning about odd and even numbers!

A challenge for one friend--all the knobbed cylinders at one time.

Gross motor control. Keep the tape on the line--go slow and stay focused. 

Land, air, water. Friends discuss which objects go where.

New friends exploring our knobless cylinders.

Group food prep for afternoon snack.

Scissor practice. Using the cutting strips helps the child stay focused and gives more purpose to his cutting.

Metal inset variations--takes a creative mind!

Alphabet search and order.

Stacking the red rods--an extension of the initial lesson.

Transferring golf balls with an interesting tool that is the right size for a golf ball.

New Practical Life material--working with nuts and bolts.

Practicing how to roll a work mat--nice and tight.

Counting 1-10 with colorful pegs.

Transferring with a spoon. One of the fundamental skills practiced in the Practical Life area. Concentration, coordination, order, and independence.