Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring loaded...

Friends at Namaste keep chugging along with all the fun materials in the classroom!

Katie works with Color Box 3--grading both primary and secondary colors.

Carter develops his fine motor skills while using the nuts and bolts.

Noe matches colors and objects from the environment.

Lucy learns about the "magic E".

Noa and Mena use the new massage materials--hard to capture a movement shot.

Noni counts her tens with the ten board.

Mena uses the unit board and counts to nine.

Bailey practices addition with the addition strip board.

Simon cuts the dead leaves off our bamboo plant.

Noni cuts a vase for the forsythia work.

Lucy uses the bird nomenclature cards with objects.

Joseph searches for all the hiding chicks.

Noni washes a chair--a multi-step material.

Gavin pours sand into tiny bottles.

Katie uses the new sensorial table. What's hiding in the buckwheat bran?