Friday, March 29, 2013

March Happiness...

Is it spring yet? 
It sure feels like it is at Namaste.

 Cutting, gluing, painting, art projects:

Cutting on a line. Gluing the cookies "in" the cookie jar.

Gluing a cookie.


Homemade play dough on "fun Friday"

Play dough textures

Matisse garden

Printing with Styrofoam lithographs.

Gluing "Star of the Day" quotes from friends. All the reasons why we love her!

Dot paint masterpiece! 

Geography and Science

Landforms--lake versus island

Africa continent map

United States of America map

A little Sensorial:

Sound cylinders and matching sounds

Challenging fabric matching with blindfold

A whole lot of Math:

Binomial cube

45 Layout for the first time! See how proud of herself she is!

Teen board

Long chains--yes, she counted all the way to 1000!! 

Ten board with beads!

Numerals and counters

 Spindle box

Short chains and skip counting by eight

Cards and spring counters

Long chains-5 cubed

Measuring for our goat fence--counting by meters!!

Practical Life:


Pouring with a funnel

Flower sorting and arranging

Scooping with a spoon

Dry pouring with a funnel

Dry pour cracked corn

Tonging chicks

Sensory table with water and bubbles


Three part cards--farm animals

Handwriting book

Farm animal picture matching

Hope you enjoyed!
Have a nice Spring Break!

Friday, March 8, 2013

February flew by... are some photos to catch you up on EVERYTHING!

 Pouring with a funnel.


 "Star of the day"

 Peanut butter and jelly cookies!
(gluten free)

 More sewing.

 Valentine's craft




 Student photo #1-Teacher watching student

 Student photo #2--Butterfly puzzle

 Student photo #3-Lightboard

 Emptying the water from baby washing work.

 Student photo #4--Light board color mixing design

 45 layout!

 Geometric solids guessing game

 Addition using BIG numbers!

 Name writing

 Red and blue rods with numeral cards.

 Namaste artist

 Friends listening to a story tape.

 Masks during winter camp!

 Musical chairs at camp!

 Messy day at camp!

 Camp puppet show!


Make your own color tabs.