Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Upper Elementary Classroom at Work...

A day in the Upper Elementary classroom is filled with joyful, collaborative learning. Students balance freedom with responsibility in a learning community that focuses on respect.

In our classrooms students learn the language of Math using concrete materials that visually demonstrate the concepts. Through practice they make the journey toward abstraction and mastery in a pace that is comfortable for each individual student.

Students work together with adult classroom guides and uncover the elegant patterns of numbers.

Here students are conducting some chemistry experiments exploring acids and bases. After learning to identify an acid and a base, first by taste and later using a ph indicator, students are determining which types of acids work best to clean pennies--vinegar, lemon juice, soda pop....

Listening to The Story of the World and engaging multiple senses while learning.

Taking a quiet moment to loose yourself in a good story is always a great way to balance your morning.

Students meet regularly with the adults in the classroom to review work completed, collaboratively evaluate progress, and set future learning goals.

Technology is a useful tool when used in balance with hands on learning. Here a student is using Rosetta Stone to learn German.

Learning should always feel comfortable....our school is a home away from home.

Checking out the gourds in our garden.

Studying illuminated letters and practicing calligraphy.

What is one way to calculate the surface area of a sphere? How about flattening it?

A trip to Cornell's Johnson Museum of Art to study Medieval Art. So very grateful for the incredibly resources we have in our community and the TCAT bus system that takes us there.

Working on illuminated manuscripts at the Johnson.