Thursday, September 26, 2013

A few snapshots taken at the Elementary Campus from the first few days of this year ....

Preparing a snack for the classroom

Identifying minerals

Reading in the library

Serving friends

Doing some research

Counting to 1000 and illustrating the square of 10

Exploring words

Celebrating a birthday

Sharing a lunchtime meal

Playing outside

Our weekly school banking day

Making deposits and learning about money

Creating a map

Exploring geometric solids

A pyramid of squares

Focused work

Daniel telling a story

Collaborating with a friend

Focusing on building a clay structure that captures your summer adventures

Taking pride in your work

Someone turned our students into fairies!

Enjoying the outdoors at recess

Good friends.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Look what our hands have done!

"The hands are the instrument to man's intelligence." -Maria Montessori

Using hands to practice screwing (like her dad).

Using hands to feel shapes and size.

Using hands to learn the parts of a turtle.

Many hands to help spread woodchips around their play structure.

Using hands to roll napkins and to teach friends.

Using hands to compare and contrast size and dimension.

Using hands to build!

Using hands to give love to living creatures!

Using hands to trace and draw an apple.

Using hands to categorize--Land, Air, Water.

Using hands to practice the art of cutting lines!

Using hands to be creative giving thought to size and order.

Using hands to harvest tomatoes!