Friday, November 18, 2011

Busy hands...focused minds.

We had a very busy and focused week.

Andy stopped by again and we sang "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with partner movments. Morning group provides children the opportunity to get settled in and connect with friends before setting out to work.

Calea practices her teen numbers and numerals.

Open snack allows children to listen to their bodies and notice when they're hungry. Noni counts how many grapes per serving of snack today.

Carter, Simon, and Daniel work together to complete the truck puzzle.

Lucy learned to use the addition strip board this week.

Paper weaving... many pieces in the trinomial cube! No problem for Gav. He knows how to organize his pieces and match the cubes and rectangular prisms by size and color.

Formula for the cube (a+b)3

a + b + c
x a + b + c
a2 + ab + ac
ab + b2 + bc
ac + bc + c2
a2 +2ab +2ac +b2 +2bc +c2
x a + b + c
a3 +2a2b+2a2c +ab2+2abc +ac2
______a2b +2ab2+2abc +b3 +2b2c +bc2
+a2c +2abc +2ac2 + b2c +2bc2 +c3
a3+3a2b+3a2c +3ab2+6abc +3ac2+b3 +3b2c +3bc2 +c3

(Gavin is going to ace algebra!)

Watch as Gavin completes this material all by himself. He is now showing this material to his friends.

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