Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The toddlers are very busy this week!

Ezra is building a tower with nesting boxes.

Virginia is enjoying a sand sensory tub with astronauts and a scooper with a small colander.

Peter is working on the farm today.

Our sensory table has been very popular these days. This tub has small blue stones to represent the sky and cotton balls for the clouds with hot air balloons and airplanes.

The other tub has colored stones and sparkly pom poms with metal pitchers to scoop and pour with.

Ezra is working on his culinary skills.

Maya is packing her lunch, practicing for our lunchtime routine.

Bea is exploring the knobless cylinders.

Lilly is using the knob cylinder work.

Ella is vacuuming the carpets.

Bea is working in the knob cylinder work. Very focused.

Lilly is setting the table.

Little Picasso

Align Center

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