Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring ahead!

We have been enjoying this warm weather! Have you?

Stella works on creating some beautiful forsythia.

Noni makes some forsythia too! The flowers are little fingerprints.

Crafting with Alba! Friends made daffodils.

Boden finds all the letters of the alphabet that are hidden in this sensory tub.

Jordy washes a chair with our new chair washing materials.

Lucy balances on our balancing thing :-)

Gavin uses the spindle box and makes groups of numbers. Then, he makes a chart and fills it in.
Sadie uses the screwdriver.

Vera counts to ten with the red chips.

Alice reads the words on the cards and then matches the cards to the objects.

Noni paints a beautiful picture. Mixing colors is fun!

Noe matches objects to initial sounds!

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