Friday, March 2, 2012

Polygon-o-rama and much more!

Friends have been busy as usual. Words can't always express everything. As the saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousands words."

Who doesn't like polygons? They are all around us! Try playing "I spy a polygon" with your child at home. You'd be surprised how many shapes you might spy!

Noni and Sadie love polygons!

Daniel and Alice love polygons!

Lucy and Casey love polygons! (photo compliments of Daniel)

Noah and Jordy loves polygons!

Lucy is drawing the polygons as she plays the game.

Noni uses the polygon work to construct shapes. It's sometimes tricky to get all the lines to touch.

Stella enjoyed this work too. She pointed out that the sides of this triangle are all the same length. Thanks to Rich for already teaching her about equilateral triangles.

Look how focused Alice is as she works on the polygon patterns.

Vera sews a constellation.

Noah puts out all the planets.

Noni enjoys this material as well.

Everyone listens intently as Erica (our new morning assistant) reads at morning group.

A glimpse at our morning work time.

Lucy focuses on one of our new practical life materials (idea from Counting Coconuts).

Simon balances in tree pose during his morning yoga session with Mena.

Alice and Stella sing the sounds as they trace the sandpaper letters.

Group massage during lunch time group.

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