Thursday, January 26, 2012

Celebrating and then some...

It's been a busy few weeks. We have been celebrating the Chinese New Year and much, much more...

Leo and Boden work together to decorate our dragon head!

Carter focused for almost an hour making his dragon puppet. He made sure to make it very colorful with lots of details.

Simon made lanterns to decorate his home and the classroom.

Gavin colors the phases of the moon. We learned that Chinese New Year begins after the new moon.

Rachel draws dragons with Simon and Joseph in honor of the year of the dragon.

Carter makes patterns on the light box.

Leo follows the directions for how to make a PB and J roll up.

Then, he eats it all up!

Calea sounds out her words and then writes them.

Busy day for Calea. After writing she decides to count to 100!

Lucy practices her bow tying skills on this fun puzzle of different types of shoes.

Jordy decorates her bunny with torn pieces of tissue paper.

Connor Counts to 100!

Leo focuses on moving all the colored pegs to different areas. This material is great fine motor practice (pre-writing work--even though he loves to write already)!

Boden counts to 10 with stickers.

Joseph likes this material too!

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