Monday, January 9, 2012

Back from break and busier than ever!

We have been exploring colors...

Connor uses drops of colored water to mix the primary colors.

Carter makes a color wheel with different combinations of the primary colors. See how he follows the visual code.
Connor uses the primary and secondary colors to trace his name. Beautiful fine motor practice!

Stella practices writing the secondary colors.

Katie has been exploring colors with the transparent color wands. Here she shows us how to make purple! (You have to hold them up to the light to see the color) Good choice of clothing for this day too!

Katie, the artist, mixes her colors to get just the right shade she's looking for.

Noni explores colors around our classroom. First she matched all the color tabs and then she searched for colors in our classroom.

Meet our newest addition to the classroom :Snowbell. She was outside, but we thought she'd be cozier inside. Seems like she has taken to this "Montessori thing" quite naturally.

Calea traces a snowflake on our light box. Check out her pencil grip.

Friends working to complete this very long matching work.

In addition to painting, Katie enjoys baking in her spare time. This material teaches children how to proper measure out dry ingredients. The flour also feels nice and soft on our hands.

Leo follows the guide and practices his lower case letters on the chalkboard.

Kai matches snowflakes. Each snowflake is as unique as the children at Namaste!

Joseph goes nuts for nuts!

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