Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time winds down...

...learning in the primary classroom winds up and takes off!

 Where do the animals go during winter?

 Learning to spell with the moveable alphabet.

 Snowflake making is a hit. Check out our double doors in the front of the school for examples of our work.

Matching objects to outlines. Playing games like "What's missing?" and "Far, far away" help children elongate their concentration with these materials.

Hibernation, adaptation, migration material.

Sink or float? What's your guess?

Wintery collage.

 Winter themed sensory table.

Our kindergarten friend reads The Mitten by Jan Brett to younger friends.

 In the zone.

 Tiny sorting--working her fine motor muscles for writing.

More fine motor work with tweezers.

Uppercase alphabet matching. Using clips help develop fine motor muscles.

New practical life materials--using a hook to catch donut shapes.

Kindergarten work--matching animal tracks to animals...
 ...and drawing his favorite track.

Animal matching.

 Sink or float?

Knobless cylinder extensions.

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