Wednesday, August 1, 2012


...when the living is easy.

 Our three oldest students. 

 Matching sea creatures.

 Working together to find rhyming pictures.

 Enjoying some new felt birds.

 Bubbles!! Check out one friend making a bubble snake.
The wind kept taking the bubbles far away!

 Summer is about a cozy spot to cool off.

 Attempts at big bubbles. Again, the wind kind of spoiled it for the bubbles but not for the children!

 Our newest toddler friend gave it a try too!

Bubble wands--handmade at circle time by all the friends at NMS.

 Found this great idea from Come Together Kids.
(It's a bubble refill station)

 Blowing bubbles--not just for milk anymore... for print-making also.

 Hi Namaste Friends! Can you tell how excited they are for the trip to the Museum of the Earth!

 Killing time before going inside.

 So much for real sharks! Oh well...we still enjoyed the "live viewing" of shark feeding.

 On of our students took this photo while we all waiting for the TCAT.

 The TCAT rocks! Our nice bus driver pulled into our driveway so we wouldn't have to cross the busy Rt. 96.

 Pure creativity.

 Oldest and youngest coming together to color with chalk in our herb garden.

 Photo by primary student.

 Sparkle water!

 Lessons with Kathy.

 Will the flowers change color?

 Using the Color Box to learn her colors.

PHEW!!! It's been a busy month.

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