Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time flies...

...when you're having fun at Namaste!

Vera writes her numerals for her very own clock.

Stella does the same.

Connor paints a stratus cloud.

Kai watches as Lucy teaches Sadie about art.

Mena uses the bastor and Kai uses the dropper all for the same purpose of transferring water. Both works develop concentration, coordination, order, and most importantly, independence!

Joseph uses the pushpin material to make a cumulus cloud.

Lucy works on a bird book after matching the parts of a bird nomenclature cards.

Joseph works on a crayon impression. 

When we spill something we clean it up. Easy peasy.

  Katie matches shapes.

First the thin outlines, then the thicker, and then the solids.

After matching, Katie writes the names of each shape.

 Noni lays in shavasana and feels her belly move as she breathes.

 Next, Noni traces the labyrinth and finds peace in the breathing loft.

 Alice matches close up art photos. 

 We walk to the pond in hopes of finding the Blue Heron's nest. No luck. We think she comes to fish.

 Alice counts to 100.

Elsie learned to cut spirals. Now she cuts them without the lines!

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