Monday, December 20, 2010

Birthdays, bubbles, citrus, and cloves...

The class is celebrating Isabel's 5th birthday. It is our tradition to have each birthday child bring in a picture timeline. She is talking to her classmates about each year of her life--what she has learned, how she has grown.
 Experimenting and designing with the classic Montessori materials--Red Rods, Knobless Cylinders
 Making bubbles...
 A simple bubbling making activity consists of an eye dropper and small container of dish soap, water, a whisk, and a towel for clean up.
 Decorating an orange with cloves for the holidays. Wow does the classroom smell delicious.
 Working together at the "big" table.
 Writing a story about a picture found in a magazine.
 Counting and adding with beads in a tube.

Caring for Salsa, our Chinchilla. He is one of the many pets we care for in our classrooms.

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