Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sweet Syrup and Groundbreaking News!!!!

We are still collecting sap. So far we've collected over 450 gallons from our six maple trees. The sugar content in our trees is quite good so we expect to have about 5 gallons of syrup when we've finished boiling. The children have made labels and will help to package our product at the end of this month. Stay tuned for info on the opening of our "Maple Syrup Store".

As the nights become warmer and stay above freezing, the sap flow will slow and mark the end of our season. We will then turn our full focus to preparing our garden. These seasonal changes, events, and activities are a wonderful way to experience time as it relates to our environment and our Earth.

On Friday we broke ground on our new garden with the generous help of Greta's parents, Lucy and Chaw our neighbor's at Stick and Stone Farm. Our next step will be to pull rocks, define beds, and amend the soil to prepare for planting. We'll probably take advantage of any good weather over our spring break to work the soil. Feel free to join us!
Rebecca Elliott, Allison and Tig's Mom, is coordinating volunteers and garden projects. She will be posting a garden blog, sharing a new newsletter, and is planning a "Garden Shower" party at the Cayuga Nature Center at the end of April.
You can contact Rebecca via email at

Here is a wonderful link to a school in Minnesota who has an inspirational farm. Perhaps someday Namaste's farm can grow into a program like the Lake Country School.

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