Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Lunar New Year!

The new moon this Monday, January 26th 2009, marks the beginning of the lunar new year. 2009 is the year of the Ox. The new year celebrations last for 15 days from the new moon until the full moon.

Chinese people all over the world follow similar New Year's traditions. Traditionally, Chinese people clean their houses sweeping out the old year and making room for the energy of new year. Families also get hair cuts and a new outfits for the celebrations and to mark a fresh start for the new year.

Flying kites and lanterns are used to decorate homes symbolically scaring away dark energy or bad luck. Oranges are given to friends representing wishes for good fortune. Noodles are eaten to represent long and happy lives. Children are often given red envelopes containing good luck money.
Here are some of our lantern, kite, and snowflake decorations.

We've been reading lots of books about preparing for and celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Here are some more of our decorations. Red and gold symbolize good luck and prosperity.

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