Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cornell Orchards Field Trip

Here are some pictures from the primary class field trip to the Cornell Orchards. Former Namaste parent, Greg Peck (Ethan's dad) was kind enough to take time from his research work to give us a tour. And Casey Benson, one of the primary teachers, was kind enough to document our trip in pictures. After a brief trip through the store we learned that the Cornell Orchards grow many types of fruits including apples, pears, plums, blueberries, grapes, and paw paws.

Although very interesting, we really wanted to get out in the orchards and pick some apples so here we go ....

All I can say is YUM....

Here we are learning more about the orchards from Greg. He was impressed with how knowledgable our students were about plant biology. We spent a good part of August and September studying the parts of a tree, parts of a flower, and parts of a leaf.

After exploring all the areas of the orchards we headed into the teaching tent. The children raced through a straw bale maze to the teaching area where we learned about grafting.

As our visit was coming to a close we stopped back at the store where Greg demostrated how to make cider on a press and walked us into the cold storage area where all the apples are kept (Brrr).

At the end of a fun and exciting morning sometimes it's nice to take a little rest.

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